Friday, April 16, 2010

A Different Kind of Show

We came up with the idea last spring.  For some reason, the Chicago Craft Mafia has had limited success with a spring show.  We've tried different locations, and our spring events were poorly attended.  When the economy hit the skids, we had a discussion about "downsizing", letting go of craft supplies that we were not going to use, so someone else could try out a craft without a huge expense.  Our very successful fall show is called the DIY Trunk Show, and while we were brainstorming, Richelle of Girl Metro, said that people could do it their own damn selves.  No finished items, just supplies.  The show was born!  We came up with the idea about a month before we wanted the event, so it was low budget.  The time was limited to four hours, the spaces were first come, first served, and vendors had to bring their own damn tables and chairs.  Promotion was done mostly using social networking.  It was a big hit, and a lot of fun for all.  Because of the success, the Chicago Craft Mafia is going to make this one of our annual events.  Our second Do It Your Own D*mn Self Show is this Saturday, 4/17.  We've all been tweeting about it and posting to our Facebook pages, and inviting all our friends.  We think it will be even more fun than last year!