Friday, March 21, 2008

Digg this -Felt Baron as seen in Giant Robot!

Crafty lady Tami Lovett-Brumfield of Petaluma Craft Mafia is featured in the current issue of Giant Robot! (see pic top right.) Crafty cool editor Erik Nakamura couldn't pass up this funky-fresh table stocked with felted home grown produce at Tami's booth. We think he has fine taste: Crunchy carrots with toothy grins, apples and oranges that smile winningly from their crates ... no wonder Mr. Nakamura found them irresistible. A veritable Farmer's Market of softies at booth number 49!

The Felt Baron had already sent most of her crop of sweet apples, oranges and ice cream sandwiches off to good homes by the time Erik and his shutterbug skills got down to business. Good eye mate! We love you Giant Robot. What felty goods will Tami be crafting up is anybody's guess, but we'll keep you posted right here!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's that time of year again - Spring Bada-Bing time! The Richmond Craft Mafia is now happily accepting applications for our annual spring show. Now in it's third year, the show will be held at Plant Zero in Richmond on Sunday April 20, 2008 from 11 am - 4 pm.

Click here to apply.

Or if you won't be able to make it there are plenty of other ways to be a part of this awesome show. Check the site for info on sponsorship and/or zine advertising opportunities or to contribute to our swag bags!
For Sponsorship/Advertising -
Zine contributions/ads -
For Swag Bags email -

We are super excited to be hosting over 60 vendors this year! Yay!

Planet Zero on April 20th is the place to be!!

Now Accepting Vendors!


Down to Earth - Earth Day Craft Show
The show will be held on Saturday, April 19th, 2008 from 10am to 5pm at Sacramento News & Review Parking Lot (1015 20th Street, Midtown Sacramento).

Contact Katie Reeves or Erika Ashley Garcia for details and application!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Craft Con 2008

Craft CongressI am super-duper excited because I just found out that this year's Craft Congress (now known as Craft Con) is being held in San Francisco!

Straight from the Craft Con site:
Craft Con is a business development conference for the craft community. People who make things of all types, of all backgrounds, will come together to talk about the business side of crafting, how they market themselves, and the philosophies behind it all. The conference will be held April 4-6 in San Francisco, California.

Last year's Craft Congress was the first event of its kind, bringing together an amazing group of craft promoters from all over the country and as far away as England to network, share ideas, and discuss the future of the resurging movement.

I just applied and I'm crossing my fingers that I get in, since there is limited space available. It's really terrific how crafters are coming together to network, share business advice, and figure out how to spread the word about DIY culture. Yay for Craft Con!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Sacramento Craft Mafia Infiltrates Sacramento Parent Magazine

Congrats to Missy and Tammie who are representing the Sacramento Craft Mafia in this month's issue of Sacramento Parent Magazine! And a big thanks to Lisa M. Thibodeau for writing an amazing article. I just love all of the mafia references!

And look, Missy's littlest made the cover:
Sacramento Parent Magazine
Photo coutesy of Alexandra Frankel Photography

Sacramento Parent Magazine
Photo coutesy of Alexandra Frankel Photography

You can check oout the article entitled She's Crafty online (if you live in Sacramento, you can pick up an issue of Sacramento Parent at Safeway, WalMart, or your local library).

You'll also want to check out Crafty Mama: DO Try This At Home!, featuring Missy's bunny pillow tutorial:
Sacramento Parent Magazine

And Online Extra, the "The Gabu" Crocheted Creature Tutorial by Tammie:
Sacramento Parent Magazine

There are quite a few moms in the Sacramento Craft Mafia and it's nice to see that Sacramento offers a hip and refreshing magazine for parents!

Design our next ad!!

Hi Mafia Members!!
We're having a contest to design our next ad appearing in NEET magazine. The winner will have their names posted on the ad and you'll be blogged about. It's a great way to get your design skills out in front of people and drum up more business.

Here are the details:

Size: 350w x 454h, 72 dpi

Send it in by March 15 to

I will then post the ads for voting and the winning ad will be used. Be sure and ad your name somewhere on the ad so you receive credit for your design.

Please tell all of your members about this awesome opportunity to get some ad design experience! And remember this opportunity is open to Craft Mafia members only.