Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trunk Show

Mark your calendars Delaware, the WCM is having a Trunk show! Bloom on Main St. in Newark is hosting our show next month - so if you love Bloom, handmade goodness and perhaps a little wine to wash it all down then stop by and meet the familia!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

St Paul Craftmafia at the Textile Center

The mob was spotted on Saturday (August 25, 2007) approximately 10:00 AM at the location of 3000 University Ave SE, Minneapolis 55414 . According to evidence found on the scene their wares will be displayed from August 19 to September 1.

The crime scene involved gruesome displays a self-mutilating ham, some decorative plates, and what one can only assume a group of sock monkeys who were behind on their payments.

Our man on the inside was able to shoot these photos of the meeting place.

Warning, the crime scene photos get to even the most grizzled veterans on the force.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Stitch Applications are DUE TODAY - Still taking tote bags and sponsors!

Stitch Applications are due TODAY!

“The town’s most interesting night of fashion-Stitch, a runway show that’s as much about the community as it is about the clothes” – NYLON Magazine.

So if you have been debating whether of not to come to Austin, TX and show your clothing line on the runway or sell you handmade goodies in the craft bazaar on Nov 10th, debate no longer. Stitch must have your application in today as we are choosing the designers and vendors on Thursday. Click here to apply to Stitch as a fashion designer, click here to apply for a craft bazaar booth, click here to apply for both. We can't wait to see your fantabulous handmade goodies!

We are also still interested in swapping sponsorship packages for tote bags. If you want your tote bags in the hands of 500 Austinites email Jennifer at We ask that the bags be large enough to hold magazines and that you can donate at least 10. Tote bags must be received by October 1st.

Want to sponsor Stitch? Join companies like Simplicity, Etsy, Duncan, Sublime Stitching, Sakura, Baby Lock and more by supporting Austin’s largest independent fashion show and craft bazaar. We have packages for as low as $100! Email Jennifer at if you are interested.

We’ll see you at Stitch Nov 10th at the Austin Convention Center (note the new bigger location!).


Handmade Parade!

The Norfolk Craft Mafia is extremely excited to announce our first annual holiday arts & crafts bazaar: Handmade Parade!

Handmade Parade will provide great holiday shopping for those who are looking for one-of-a-kind gifts while avoiding the mass-produced and supporting independent entrepreneurs instead! We will offer a wide variety of fine art, accessories, jewelry, pottery, house wares, baked goods, baby items, clothing and more!

When and where is it happening?

Masonic Temple
7001 Granby St.
Norfolk, Virginia 23505
Saturday, November 10, 2007
10am - 5pm

We are now accepting applications for vendors and sponsors; please check out our Handmade Parade page for more information on how to apply! Applications are rolling in already and we are very excited! Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun Kitschy applique

I love buying from other crafters. This is going to sound weird but I especially love buying stuff I COULD make myself but find the time/aggravation levels to do them too high. I love getting something I want to make, but never find the time or motivation to do it. I just place and order, and WHOOSH, there it is-all fresh and beautiful.

Last year I was needing some new FAB kitchen towels, I had embroidered ALOT of them in the past but they take so long. And a couple of rounds of barbeque sauce or mole sauce and they are trashed. I just wanted to buy something cute, durable and atomic. And I found them from Jessica at

This past week while sick, I was perusing Etsy and I got this FAB little clutch purse from her as well. I love it, its the perfect 'small bag' size, where I can fit my wallet, phone, keys, makeup bag, tissues and not have it bulging at the seams. She's super quick to ship and will custom make stuff (like my towels!) if you ask.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

IndieSacramento is here!


Saturday, December 1st, 2-9pm
YWCA of Sacramento
1122 17th Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

IndieSacramento is Sacramento's largest indie/alternative craft fair. This December will be the first annual show but if it's successful we would love to make it semi-annual or even quarterly.

The purpose behind IndieSacramento is to help spread the word about locally owned businesses and to help Sacramento gain the reputation it deserves as an art, craft, and fashion mecca.

We are looking for craft vendors, local businesses, and local bands to participate and support!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's time!!

I feel it's time to make an announcement.... After 5 long and fantastic years I am closing down my clothing design business, Amet and Sasha, in search of new challenges. This does NOT mean anything for the Craft Mafia that I won't be an official member of the Austin Craft Mafia anymore. Instead, I'll be only the Craft Mafia manager (the position I currently hold anyway!). I'll still be here 100% managing the Craft Mafias and making sure Mafia business plows along.

So what does this mean for you?? A huge huge sale is what! I'm clearing out my stock of fabrics and backstock, so I have both a standard website sale and a studio sale going on until August 16. What happens that day? Amet and Sasha closes down forever... and I head off on my honeymoon. Hooray!!

I want to give a huge HUGE thank you to the Craft Mafia family because without all of you my business may never have developed the way it ultimately did. The support has been amazing, and you all are the best ever!

I should say - I am still working 100% on Stitch - so don't think you're getting me out of the crafting game that easily!! What??? You haven't heard of Stitch yet?? Well, it's an amazing fashion show and craft bazaar happening in downtown Austin on November 10. It's our fifth year running and we're expecting our best year yet! The application deadline is August 28, so hustle it to get yours in!