Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Petaluma Craft Mafia

Our crafty famiglia, the Petaluma Craft Mafia, over here in the land of butter and eggs, is working hard to get our first fashion show, "Running with Glitter," put together.... the details are endless! We have such respect for those that have done the combined craft and fashion show, it's a whole other kind of organization! OMG!

Until then, we're wishing our crafty sisters and brothers across the globe a very fine holiday season!

Much love and glitter,
Your Petaluma Craft Mafia

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Petaluma Craft Mafia in Modern Seamster!

Issue #3 available for download online very SOON!

Last summer, the Petaluma Craft Mafia were invited to sit down for an exclusive interview with the editorial staff of what is quickly becoming a favorite read for us, Modern Seamster.

It was love at first read, with a magzine jam packed full of goodness about sewing, the arts and crafts scene, music, culture, fashion. Candy! But not "fluff", oh no. Sure, it's a gorgeously laid out cover and spreads, but not only is it easy on the eyes, but full of useful and practical articles, advice, interviews as well.
And of course, we fell in love with the hard-working, hard-playing staff (we identified with their spirit, and can-do attitude). They took us to lunch, at a local restaurant here in P-Town, and got us liquored up, (okay ,we each had ONE margarita) and got a gander at our hometown of Petaluma and were surprised it was so bustling! We enjoy it so much, and came away feeling incredibly inspired by the talent and vision of this new magazine. We were told, that we are part of a series they are doing on our entire famiglia, the Craft Mafia. We look forward to reading more about our crafty sister cities across the globe. L.A. you rocked it! :)

If you haven't checked out Modern Seamster do so now, Issue #2 is just amazing, and currently free for downloading. You will just have to be patient for Issue #3, "The sixties" issue!

Amore, and a big shout out to Modern Seamster!
Pssst! A little birdie just whispered in our ear that the annual Petaluma Vintage Holiday Boutique is this Saturday, November, 21st from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Open Door Church at 5th and B streets.

Is there anything better then Vintage I ask you? Not unless you're talking a big scoop of Ben and Jerry's coffee ice cream.... or a million dollars falling from the sky. Even, then, it's a close tie! Lucky you won't need a million dollars, because the admission to PVHB is free.

This show is produced by one of the most adorable, sweet and creative women here in Petaluma. She is golden, incredibly creative and has been a encouraging support to Petaluma's Craft Mafia. We heart her! The Petaluma Vintage Holiday Boutique is one of my favorite shows in Petaluma. Come on down this Saturday, be inspired and say "hello" to Eileen and the crafty vendors. Tell her the Petaluma Craft Mafia sent you... See ya there!

Ciao, ciao darlings!

Your Nortoriously Glittery Petaluma Craft Mafia