Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Learn To Knit Workshop Report!

Sunday, October 21 the Norfolk Craft Mafia had another one of our skill-sharing workshops and lots of mafiosas left with a new skill - Knitting! A big thanks goes out to Deva, Vero and Tasha for being willing to share their knowledge and love of knitting with the rest of the group. We had a great turnout - about 15 people - and ate some yummy snacks, hung out and knitted!

Thanks also to Amanda for the generous use of her home to host the workshop. It was perfect!

All the ladies who attended learned to cast on, knit knit knit and bind off. I heard some are making scarves now, who knows, this could be the start of some great holiday gifts!

Be sure to keep checking our events page for our next upcoming workshop. We're planning a Colonial Christmas-themed craft extravaganza for December so you won't wanna miss it!

Monday, October 22, 2007

More Reasons to Buy Your Stitch Tickets!

Stitch Tickets are on sale now and here are a few more reasons why you might want to score yourself a set in advance.

We just added hand painted earrings and purses by Alisa Burke to the raffle prize.

You get in free to our after party with a Stitch wristband and we just booked DJ Abominatron.

You can get your make up touched up for free in the Rae Cosmetics booth.

Have you seen the handpainted glitterlicious dresses that are coming down the runway from Hot Pink Pistol and Tulip Fashion Glitter?

New additions to the 500 free tote bags just arrived from Anne Marie - Style for the Individual and Flapper Girl

Shopping in over 100 booths including: Chia, Party Bots, Fort Cloudy, Queen Puff Puff, Ornamental Things and More!

Remember Stitch is Nov 10th at the Austin Convention Center Hall 1, doors open at 4pm and tickets are only $10!

Be sure and read the Stitch Blog to get all the latest host Stitch gossip.

Friday, October 19, 2007

We won't take out a hit on your wallet!

Look ma, I'm on TV!

The Norfolk Craft Mafia made our television debut this morning! Check us out in a story by WVEC Channel 13’s Vanessa Coria.

Click here for the full story online and to watch the video segment.

We plan to have a high-resolution clip of the segment on our website as soon as possible. Thanks to all the mafiosas who submitted items for the shoot, your stuff looked gorgeous on the table. I wish the clip could have been a bit longer so we could have seen more details!

We’d love some feedback on the video, what do you guys think?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The UnUsual Suspects Holiday Craft Show!

I shudder at the thought, but the holiday shopping season is almost upon us (unless you are OCD & finished your shopping in January)! The DC Craft Mafia is proud to host "The UnUsual Suspects Holiday Craft Show" Saturday November 3rd from 12-8PM at 5020 Battery Ln in Bethesda. The show will take place in a great space & will be filled wtih crafty people from across the country! We are thrilled to host many of our fellow Mafia members including Louisville CM, Pittsburgh CM & members of Richmond, Wilmington & Charm City Craft Mafias. There will be $1 door prize tickets available that will benefit the Washington Humane Society. We will also have FREE gift wrapping available! See our door prizes and the AWESOME crafty vendors at DC CRAFT MAFIA.

Don't forget your shopping list!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holy Wow Stitch Austin Tickets are For Sale Now!

Are you just dying to buy your STITCH TICKETS? Well guess what they are on sale now through Front Gate tickets. Don’t want to buy your tickets online? In Austin you can also buy them at places like Waterloo and Encore! Not to mention Saturday Nov 10th at the door of the Austin Convention Center.

A Few Reasons Why You Might Consider Buying an advance Ticket...

This is the Stitch 5 Year Anniversary Show!

500 free goodie bags supplied by Blue Q, Kailo Chic, 31 Corn Lane, Lollibomb Beauty, Harrilu, Ballistic Sweater Girl, Alissa Burke and More!

We sold out last year

Built by Wendy for Simplicity will be showing on the runway.

There will be $5000 worth of free Babylock sewing and embroidery machines in the raffle plus Dremel Drills!

Bradley Bradley Baumkirchner from Project Runway Season 3 will be there.

Prince Klassen, DJ Ian Orth and Bigface will be manning the DJ booth.

You can get free “runway hair” in the Birds Barbershop booth.

You might get interviewed by Vickie Howell for the webcast

Duncan Crafts will be there for the second year in a row doing crafty make and takes (they will also have a life size cut out of my sister Hope). Carlo Rossi will have a booth again this year too!

There will be craft booths by Etsy, Steel Toe Studios, Sublime Stitching, My Imaginary Boyfriend and More!

Good lookin' group you got there!

The Norfolk Craft Mafia is super-pleased to announce our amazing lineup of vendors for Handmade Parade! We have over fifty talented artists and crafters from Canada to North Carolina that will be showcasing their wares on Saturday, November 10th! Come get your holiday shopping done in one place! Forget the malls and their crazy parking lots and the same old mass-produced items. Buy handmade, support an independent artist!

DC Craft Mafia
Polymer Clay Eclectic
The Luna Cat
Elemental Beads
Lark Studio

George Ryan
Meryl Jones Snow
Penguin Love

Brenda Maust & Kristina Bourlotos
Emotional Baggage
Autumnomatopoeia Designs

Twist Style

Virginia Design Company
Craftology: A Cocktail of Mixed Media and Craft
Disquieting Designs
Noosed Kitty
Sloane Solanto
Interimaginational Institute for Fantastical Exploration & Cartography
Wolfie and the Sneak
Craftscharms & Collectibles
Cherry Mama
Amanda Page Stephens

Jeff Crag Art
K.Parel Design
Annie Moon Primitives
Creative Treasures
Twittering Bird & Beth White
Pimento Designs
Armstrong Industry

Laura Geimer & Rebecca Chase
Keen Designs
LC Beads 2 Wear
Aniela Gray Designs
Martha Thrasher
Jellybeans Bracelets
Lilypad Creations
Bee's Knees Studio

Molebaby Buttons
Missing Monsters
The Monkey and Me
& Stuntkid
Tasha, Kristal & Melissa McKelvey
Historically Inspired Designs
A Well Mannered Young Lady
Lokahi Spa

A sad goodbye

Tomorrow night we are having the Burlington Craft Mafia Traveling Trunk Show at Red Square from 5-8pm. It will be a fantastic evening with handmade goods and the sweet indie-pop sound of Colin Clary and a Magog.

This night is also very special to us because one of our founding members Holly of misshawklet is moving and this will be her final event and last official day with the Burlington Craft Mafia. It was about a year ago when Erinn contacted Holly and I to start this group. We had high hopes of establishing a strong group here in Burlington that would help grow and support the crafting community. Holly has been an amazing member of the BCM. I have learned so much from her and she has done even more to bring this group to where it is today. She will be greatly missed. We wish her all the luck on her journey. Thanks for everything Holly!

WCM Trunk Show

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to our trunk show at Bloom (& to Mimi for hosting us)! We had a great turnout and a lot of really positive feedback for our group and all our work.

Erica of Anneliese & Jen of Tilting Swiftly

Viva Metal Jewelry & Jen of SoulDivine

Jessy (right) of Jessy's Dolls

photos by Darrell Jesonis

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Norfolk Craft Mafia TV Debut!

The Norfolk Craft Mafia is making our TV debut! We (we being myself and Amanda) filmed a little segment this morning with Vanessa Coria from WVEC Channel 13 about handmade gifts and the Norfolk Craft Mafia!

I got an email last week from Vanessa saying that she was doing a story about holiday gift giving on a budget, she had stumbled across our website and wanted to do a segment about handmade! With a trembling voice I called Amanda and blurted out, "Do ya wanna be on TV?!?!" We decided to do it and I called all the mafia troops together to get some great handmade items to show off.

We filmed it all at Amanda's house this morning. Here she is getting mic'd up like a pro.

Vanessa and her cameraman (I'm so embarrassed I don't remember his name) were consummate professionals and made us feel totally at ease.

We had an awesome showing from our mafia members, who rallied so quickly to get me their lovely handmade items! We had mixed media collage by Jeannine, handmade plush and a quilted pillow by Cassie, more plush and accessories by Charmaine, pottery by Ashley, knitwear by Tasha, everything from tissue cozies to hair clips to plush by Amanda and also a few of my doggie items.

It was a great experience and I'm so glad we had the opportunity. The story will air next Friday, October 19th on WVEC Channel 13 as part of their Daybreak show. Vanessa's segment is at 5:23 and 6:24 a.m. We will post the video as soon as it's online!

See more pictures from the filming right here!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stitch Rock Roundup

The Hollywood Craft Mafia packed up and headed north this weekend for the Stitch Rock indie craft fair and bazaar in Delray Beach, FL -- and we're so glad we did! The show was a real testament to the thriving indie arts scene in the Sunshine State, with a line of shoppers forming outside even before the doors opened. The show was also a great chance for all of us to meet in person many of the designers and businesspeople who we'd been admiring from afar on Etsy or other online outlets. Add in a fashion show, rockin' music throughout the day, and truly exceptional catering (with cupcakes!), and you've got the equation for one of the best craft fairs in the area. Check it out:

Stitch Rock = packed
A really, really full house in downtown Delray

Kelli's Lovely Table
Kachina Herbs' sweet-smelling setup

Rebecca's Gorgeous Setup
Journals, jewelry and more from Dragonfly Crafts

My goodies, my goodies
Ciara Loves You!'s cat toys and clutches (and hey, is that free candy?)

Here's hoping the awesome Amanda ( organizes yet another successful event next year!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mama Mia! Cookin' with the Petaluma Craft Mafia

It's no secret the crafty chicks in Petaluma love cooking, which is a good thing, 'cause we also love eating. Though we've posted tantalizing hints at our cookbook on the PCM web site almost two months ago, our famiglia has decided to change our cookbook a bit and include the entire community of Petaluma.

We figured that since so many of us have been touched by cancer in some way, (I lost my 62-year old mother to cancer late last February), that so many people in our community might want to donate recipes and stories about their family. And they are pouring in, along with some awesome photos!
Our only concern is that the book is gonna be G-normous, so we might have to get selective and pare it down, and perhaps do our own craft famiglia book separately.

If you're just itchin' to add to your cookbook collection, this is gonna be one big spicy meatball of a cookbook - but don't fret- there are plenty of vegetarian recipes too!

Our goal is to raise awareness about the cancer that "whispers" - Ovarian Cancer. Never did I think somebody so close to me could fall to cancer let alone ovarian cancer. And ladies, ovarian cancer does not run in my family nor does it's gene related cousin breast cancer, it is one of the deadliest cancers and spreads very quickly with barely a symptom until it's at the later stages.

If you check out the symptoms at and find yourself experiencing them, and your doctor casually dismisses them - please get a second opinion or insist on an ultrasound and CA-125 test. It could save your life. Unfortunately, my adorable mother is a cattle rancher's daughter, and is unusually stoic and stubborn. Couple my mother's stoic stubborness with her internist's casualness = disaster. She was finally diagnosed a year later at stage 3. By this time her symptoms couldn't be ignored and she was in such deep pain.

Okay, I'm down from my soap box. I feel very passionate about this. Heck of a way to start my first Craft Mafia blog, isn't it?

We're donating our profits from our cookbook to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund,, and Hospice of Petaluma. The cookbook should be ready by early next year.

Happy October, and happy birthday all you Librans. Hope you've all been better at staying out of the Halloween candy than I have! :)

Ciao Bellas

The Sacramento Craft mafia makes their TV debut

At 7am a bunch of us arrived at Sampino's Deli to get ready for a spot on Good Day Sacramento! The people at Sampino's were really nice. They made us some excellent cappuccinos and provided us with some yummy muffins and pastries.

We were interviewed by the lovely and talented Lisa Gonzales. She was a hoot! She fit right in. Part of the segment is up on the Good Day Sacramento web site. There's a part where Lisa kisses my ring! Anyway, you have to watch...

Good day Sacramento appearance

Check it out at!