Monday, June 30, 2008

We done did it!

I know, I sound like a Hee-Haw reject, but I guess my brain is a little fried from Craftaluma, and we sure are proud! Thanks everyone, our attendees, the fabulosa entertainment, our sponsors my entire crafty famiglia, our local newspaper who gave us an awesome interview, and all of you crafty vendors, you sweet craft things you, who make our hearts sing!
We even got our very own song from the Bluebellies, who just rawk along with the rest of our entertainment. Hint: "Just say no to puff paint" we loved it.

I'll post video or photos later. I'm done crafted out for now, folks.

Rest, work play and then on to the next show, Petaluma Craft Mafia presents, "Mafia Made Holiday Craftacular!"

Monday, June 23, 2008

Craft Emergency Relief Fund

For those of us in the New Orleans Craft Mafia, the flooding in the mid-west is striking a familiar chord.

The Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF), helps artists affected by disaster. It is an amazing resource for helping craftspeople recover from tragedy. Artists can either receive help directly through CERF, which accepts monetary donations, or through fellow artists via the discussion forums.

After Hurricane Katrina, I personally received some awesome assistance from fellow crafters/artists through the discussion forums. People as far away as Germany sent me fabric scraps to help me start rebuilding my business. One kind woman even sent me a replacement sewing machine!

You can view the forums and find a way to directly help someone in need by going to:

If you prefer a less direct approach, you can donate to CERF by visiting :

Monday, June 9, 2008

new members for Manchester

We've been plotting and planning ways to open our doors to more people for quite some time now and Manchester Craft Mafia is delighted to announce that are finally ready for new members so if you're in our corner of the world and want to join in let us know - full details here

If you're not in our corner of the world but fancy a little piece of crafting action anyway, we are working with our neighbours the Manchester Craft & Design Centre to help them create their Garden Party. We need your bunting so get cutting, stitching, knitting, crocheting and other 'ings' now. All contributions very happily received. Here's what to do.