Saturday, April 26, 2008

Big time Stitch news!!

So I'm sure all of you have been wondering where the $%^$^&$*&%^* we've been... I know, I know... we've been a bit mum over here. Quite simply Stitch 2007 was awesome and amazing and wiped us out! We just needed a little break. Well, we're back and we're gearing up for our next show. When will that be you ask?? Well, we're changing things up this year...or next year to be more precise. The next Stitch will be held in April of 2009! Maybe it's the dreamy Texas spring, maybe it's exhaustion from 2007... who knows. But we're very excited about this change. We're hoping that with the spring weather on our side this will open up the possibility of an indoor outdoor venue. We also have a ton of other ideas up our sleeves and as our plans get nailed down we'll bring you all of the latest news. Until now, sit tight... we'll be back soon with tons more Stitch news.

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