Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Uncommon Thread Wearable Art Show

This is something pretty cool that someone in nearby Baton Rouge contacted the New Orleans Craft Mafia about:

There's a call for artists out for the Uncommon Thread Wearable Art Show, which will attempt to merge fashion design and visual art. Put together by the people at Culturecandy.org and the Baton Rouge Gallery, this juried competetion will be judged Suzanne Perron, who has previously worked for Vera Wang. Artists will be judged on craftsmanship, innovative design, dramatic detail and use of alternative materials.

Artists from all over the country are encouraged to submit proposals. Entry forms and more info can be found at their website. The deadline for entries is September 17. Accepted entries will be presented in a staged dance performance, and there will also be a musical collaboration, combining a local DJ with a string quartet.

Pretty awesome, huh? I hope some Craft Mafia folks submit entries. Maybe if I can find the time I'll come up with something myself.

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Saints and Sinners said...

thank you for putting that up!! Someone had sent me their website a month ago and totally forgot about it!!!!