Friday, June 29, 2007

Welcome to the family, Kachina Herbs!

The Hollywood Craft Mafia is proud to introduce the newest mafiosa in South Florida:

This lovely lady is Kelli, the supersmart genius behind Kachina Herbs, offering tea, salves, toothpaste and other products designed to treat anything from muscle pain to respiratory disorders. This is no casual "smell this, feel better" stuff -- Kelli practices clinical aromatherapy, researching uses of herbs and essential oils around the world and using her findings to create some seriously successful products. And she really knows her stuff--she's written a book on safe application of aromatherapy, and teaches a certification class right here in South Florida.

Some of our favorite Kachina Herbs swag: her toothpaste in flavors like mint, cinammon and peppermint, packaged in "old school, like our grandmothers used to use" jars; skincare salves suited for even the scaliest of skins; and her unique blends and synergies of essential oils that have been used to treat acne, excema and even psoriasis.

Kelli's working on building her Etsy store now, but you can always find her at her myspace, too. Stop by and welcome her to the craft mafia family!


Xiane said...

I really wanted to check out her items, but her MySpace is set to private, requiring me to know her last name or email to add her - and there's nothing in her Etsy store to see at all. Does she have a current webpage? I'd love to see her wares! :)

KachinaHerbs said...

I changed the privacy settings on my profile so now I'm open to the public! :-)