Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fun Kitschy applique

I love buying from other crafters. This is going to sound weird but I especially love buying stuff I COULD make myself but find the time/aggravation levels to do them too high. I love getting something I want to make, but never find the time or motivation to do it. I just place and order, and WHOOSH, there it is-all fresh and beautiful.

Last year I was needing some new FAB kitchen towels, I had embroidered ALOT of them in the past but they take so long. And a couple of rounds of barbeque sauce or mole sauce and they are trashed. I just wanted to buy something cute, durable and atomic. And I found them from Jessica at

This past week while sick, I was perusing Etsy and I got this FAB little clutch purse from her as well. I love it, its the perfect 'small bag' size, where I can fit my wallet, phone, keys, makeup bag, tissues and not have it bulging at the seams. She's super quick to ship and will custom make stuff (like my towels!) if you ask.


steph said...

oh dude i saw her skull and crossbones bag on etsy yesterday - she's got some great supercute stuff!


Saints and Sinners said...

She really does!!! I use to sew vinyl & appliques so I can appreciate the work that goes into it. And she is so nice to boot!