Sunday, August 5, 2007

It's time!!

I feel it's time to make an announcement.... After 5 long and fantastic years I am closing down my clothing design business, Amet and Sasha, in search of new challenges. This does NOT mean anything for the Craft Mafia that I won't be an official member of the Austin Craft Mafia anymore. Instead, I'll be only the Craft Mafia manager (the position I currently hold anyway!). I'll still be here 100% managing the Craft Mafias and making sure Mafia business plows along.

So what does this mean for you?? A huge huge sale is what! I'm clearing out my stock of fabrics and backstock, so I have both a standard website sale and a studio sale going on until August 16. What happens that day? Amet and Sasha closes down forever... and I head off on my honeymoon. Hooray!!

I want to give a huge HUGE thank you to the Craft Mafia family because without all of you my business may never have developed the way it ultimately did. The support has been amazing, and you all are the best ever!

I should say - I am still working 100% on Stitch - so don't think you're getting me out of the crafting game that easily!! What??? You haven't heard of Stitch yet?? Well, it's an amazing fashion show and craft bazaar happening in downtown Austin on November 10. It's our fifth year running and we're expecting our best year yet! The application deadline is August 28, so hustle it to get yours in!

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