Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Stitch Rock Roundup

The Hollywood Craft Mafia packed up and headed north this weekend for the Stitch Rock indie craft fair and bazaar in Delray Beach, FL -- and we're so glad we did! The show was a real testament to the thriving indie arts scene in the Sunshine State, with a line of shoppers forming outside even before the doors opened. The show was also a great chance for all of us to meet in person many of the designers and businesspeople who we'd been admiring from afar on Etsy or other online outlets. Add in a fashion show, rockin' music throughout the day, and truly exceptional catering (with cupcakes!), and you've got the equation for one of the best craft fairs in the area. Check it out:

Stitch Rock = packed
A really, really full house in downtown Delray

Kelli's Lovely Table
Kachina Herbs' sweet-smelling setup

Rebecca's Gorgeous Setup
Journals, jewelry and more from Dragonfly Crafts

My goodies, my goodies
Ciara Loves You!'s cat toys and clutches (and hey, is that free candy?)

Here's hoping the awesome Amanda (http://withsugarontop.etsy.com) organizes yet another successful event next year!

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Petaluma Craft Mafia said...

Hey Hollywood. Very Cool. Looks like you all had mucho fun. Cupcakes ... My tummy is rumbling. Sounds like my kind of catering! (she says as she reaches for another Red Vine). ;-)
AND rock n' roll. Sounds like a groovy and successful day.